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Product Description
Wireless Headphone - 2.4G proprietary wireless transmission,nullWirelessHeadphone–博猫游戏邃密精美工業股份无穷公司。
- Comfort headband design
- Easy to adjust headband length
- Enjoy music without wire
- Strong bass and wide range audio quality,nullwirelessheadphone。
- Built-in noise cancelling microphone for on-line chatting,游戏。
Bluetooth Stereo Headphone - Best companion for mobile phone or tablet,邃密。
- Easy connect to your dvice through bluetooth
- Active noise cancelling for best listening environment,精美。
- Noise cancelling microphone
- Foldable headband design for easy carrying,美工。
- Support bluetooth handsfree profile,股份。
Streaming Wireless Headphone - Take a picture or record a video
- Noise cancelling microphone
- Touch gesture control
- Share songs from any nusic service,无穷。
Bluetooth Mono Headphone - All metal design
- Voice control
- Up to 8 hrs. talk time* with rapid charge - 50% in 30 minutes.公司。
- Rich HD Voice/Wideband Audio to deliver the best sounding conversations available,nullWirelessHeadphone–博猫游戏邃密精美工業股份无穷公司。
Wireless Sports Headphone - Watertight Mesh
- Secure fit for intense activity
- Independent audio controls
- Teflon and Kevlar Moisture guard
- Micro-USB Charging
HRM Wireless Sports Headphone - Lose the wires and experience HD audio
- Build-in heart rate monitor
- Made with Kevlar fiber to hold up to your toughest workouts
- Music Controls
- Voice Prompts