Compact Camera Module

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Product Description

  • Resolution Support: From 2MP to 16MP
  • Focus Type: Fixed focus
  • Highly customized outline and shape to fulfill customer’s requirement

Product Application

  • Smart phone
  • Tablet Computer


Module name Sensor P/N Focus type Lens FNo Module Height
FO20FF-525H OV2722 Fixed focus F2.0 3.44 mm
FS50AF-511H S5K5E2 Auto focus F2.2 4.83 mm
FO50AF-526H OV5693 Auto focus F2.4 4.70 mm
FO50FF-541H OV5675 Fixed focus F2.0 3.53 mm
FN50FF-544H IMX241 Fixed focus F2.0 3.53 mm
FN80FF-508H IMX268 Fixed focus F2.2 4.74 mm
FO80AF-527H OV8858 Auto focus F2.4 4.33 mm
FO80AF-542H OV8856 Auto focus F2.4 4.32 mm
FOD0AF-473H OV Auto focus F2.2 5.45 mm
FND0AF-545H IMX214 Auto focus F2.2 4.49 mm
FSF0AF-465H S5K2P8 Auto focus F2.2 5.95 mm
FOG0AF-509H OV Auto focus F2.2 5.95 mm